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Product Specifications & Datasheets Eagle Signal Timers & Counters
Downloadable Product Data

See below for a selection of PDFs offering additional details and information regarding a variety of Eagle Signal Controls products, including their specifications, installation and maintenance instructions, and other points of general interest.


Product Data Sheets 



 A103 Elapsed Time Indicators 

 A103 Preset Timers   

 AB4 Manuflex Hand Set Reset Timer   

 B506 LED Timer 

 B856 Multi-function Preset Timer 

 B866 Multi Function Analog Timer 

 BRE Electronic Series Reset Timer 

C342 Time Totalizer  

C628 Awesome Display Preset Timers 

 CX100 Repeat Cycle Timer 

 CX200 Microprocessor Preset Timer-Counter 

 CX300 Microprocessor Preset Timer-Counter 

 CX400 Dual Setpoint Preset Timer Counters 

 DA100 Miniflex ON-OFF Repeat Cycle Timer 

 DA200 Miniflex Digital Repeat Cycle Timer 

 DG100 Miniflex Solid State Preset Timers 

 DG200 Miniflex Digital Set Reset Timers 

 HG1 Flexopulse Repeat Cycle Timers 

 HK Timer Totalizers 

 HP5 Cycl-Flex Reset Timer 

 HQ4 Manual-Datasheet 

 HQ4E Series 48 Percentage Reset Timers 

 HQ9 Percentage Timers Data Sheet 

 Micromite Series Timer Modules 

 Model 90 Miniature Pneumatic Reset Timers 

 Model 191 Pushbutton Reset Timer 

 Series 7795 Hourmeters 

 Series 7999 Mite Elapsed Time Indicators 

 TF Handset Reset Timers 

 TM Time Module Repeat Cycle CAM Timers 

Product Manuals



 A103-006 Manual  

 A103-008 Manual 

 B506-2xxx Manual 

 B506-5xxx Manual 


 B856-500 and 511 Manual Rev B 

 B856-500 Manual_Rev B 

 B856-501 Manual  

 BRE Manuals 


 CG9 relay data-manual 






 DA200 Manual 



 HG1 Manual 

 HP5 Cycle Flex Manual 

 HQ4 Manual-Datasheet 

 HQ4E Manual 

 HQ9 Manual 



 SX200 Datasheet-Manual 

 SX450 Datasheet-Manual 

 TF Timer Manual 

 TM Cam Timer Manual 



 DZ100 Spec 

 SX110 Three Setpoint Repeat Cycle Timers 

 SX160 Dual Setpoint Repeat Cycle Timers  

 SX210 Microprocessor Digital Preset Timers 

 SX410 Dual Setpoint Preset Timers w-Inhibit 

 SX430 Dual Setpoint Preset Timers w-Inhibit 

 SX460 Dual Setpoint Preset Timers w-Inhibit  


 DZ100 manual 

 MAX Count Advanced 

 MAX Count-6-and-6S_Advanced 

 MAX Position Advanced 

 MAX Tach Advanced 




 SX300 Series Manual