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Repeat Cycle Timers by  Eagle Signal | Danaher Specialty Products
Repeat Cycle Timer Functions

Repeat Cycle Timer Functions

Repeat cycle timer units are offered in a variety of sizes and voltages for specific application requirements. For example, an electronic repeat cycle timer would be used if high-accuracy, precision and timing resolution of timed events are required to activate or deactivate control outputs based on programmed time intervals. Most commonly, a repeat cycle timer is used when automatic control of process time is required. Repeat cycle timer applications include pump controls, food processing, and packaging control where precise on/off control is necessary.

Electromechanical Repeat Cycle Timer Functions

Electromechanical repeat cycle timer products are intended to provide repetitive time cycling by turning the load switches on and off as power is applied. A cam repeat cycle timer is a simple implementation in which timing is a fixed portion of the total time cycle with each cam circuit independently adjustable. Eagle-Signal repeat cycle timer products are durable and operate in a wide range of temperatures.

Electronic Repeat Cycle Timer Functions

Electronic repeat cycle timer products are designed to turn a load on and off in a repeating pattern as long as the control input is continuously powered. Each Eagle-Signal electronic repeat cycle timer is adjustable in terms of on/off times, but some repeat cycle timer models may be programmed as percentage timers. Some models also have batch counters and allow dwell or overlap times between on/off intervals.

Off Delay Timer Feature

An off delay timer begins timing when power is removed from the control input. On delay and off delay timers are not necessarily mutually exclusive; some products offer both functionalities (such as B866, B856, B506).

The B856 can function as an off delay timer, on delay timer, or repeat cycle timer. This timer model features a unique on-delay/interval mode that can perform the role of two separate timers.

On Delay Timer Feature

An on delay timer refers to the condition in which the timer activates. These timers begin timing when power is applied to the unit. The output contacts transfer at the end of the timing period (an on delay timer resets during a power failure). Many electronic Eagle Signal timers offer the on-delay timing mode.

Percentage Timers

An electromechanical percentage timer uses a fixed time cycle. The percentage of time during which the external load will be energized is dial selectable by the user as a percentage time on/percentage time off. This type of repeat cycle timer is exemplified by the HQ9 percentage timer: a motor cam closes a switch for a selected percentage of the time cycle. As the progress pointer passes zero, the load switch will activate (the timer will continue to operate as long as power is supplied to it. The 'on' percentage of the HQ9 percentage timer is adjustable from 5% to 100% of the total time range.

Common application of percentage timers include:

  • Plastic injection molding for temperature control
  • Heat Treating
  • Chemical Processing


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