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Electric Motor Starter

Joslyn Clark offers a wide range of electric motor starter products for a broad group of applications that set the standard for some of the most challenging and hazardous electric motor starter applications.

Joslyn Clark electric motor starter products for fire pump control applications are built with easy maintenance and installation in mind. These fire pump motor starter solutions are safer to operate due to their impeccable design and unparalleled attention to detail.

For the oil and petrochemical industries, Joslyn Clark's contactor and electric motor starter line offers many safe and dependable options. These electric motor starter and contactor products also feature small environmental footprints for both oilfield equipment manufacturers and end users. They are used in electric motor starter applications for plants and refineries, exploration and pumping, and transportation and pipeline service.

The mining industry contains some of the world’s harshest environments and most demanding electric motor starter requirements. Their equipment requires reliable power switching and electric motor starter solutions that ensure dependable productivity in potentially hazardous surroundings.

Working under harsh conditions with strict productivity requirements, cement plant operators require reliable power switching and electric motor starter solutions to minimize the possibility of costly equipment malfunction.

In the utility and power industry, failure is not an option. Power plants require reliable power switching and electric motor starter solutions to ensure a dependable supply of electricity at all times to ensure a costly and time consuming breakdown does not occur.

When machine builders need a reliable electric motor starter and power switching solution to guarantee dependable, continuous production, they ask for Joslyn Clark. The applications for our vacuum contactors include electric furnaces, cranes, water pumping, blowers, conveyors, saw motors, chipper motors and other power switching requirements.

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