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Electric & Diesel Fire Pump Controllers by Joslyn Clark | Danaher Specialty Products
Fire Pump Controllers

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Joslyn Clark offers a variety of fire pump controllers in varying voltages and configurations, powered by either diesel or electricity. These diesel and electric fire pump controller products set the industry standard for performance, consistency, and reliability.

Electric Fire Pump ControlElectric fire pump controllerler

Joslyn Clark's electric fire pump controller products are compact but still boast more horsepower per cubic inch than any other electric fire pump controller on the market. Our flagship electric fire pump controller line is the new ProGuard series.

All Joslyn Clark electric fire pump controller models are available with an optional Automatic Transfer Switch. This option is housed in an isolated compartment and complies with the National Fire Protection Association and NFPA-20 standards. It comes factory-assembled, wired, tested, and shipped as a single unit.

The Automatic Transfer Switch ensures that if primary power fails, the electric fire pump controller begins operating from emergency power (without user intervention). Upon restoration of normal power, the electric fire pump controller will resume operation from primary power. LED power indicators as well as an audible alarm are included as standard features on an Automatic Transfer Switch equipped electric fire pump controllers. N.O. And N.C. contacts are provided for remote signal of the switch position.

Diesel Pump Fire Pump Controllers

Joslyn Clark's B series is a line of diesel fire pump controller products. This is a type of electric fire pump controller designed for diesel engine driven fire pump service. The B series diesel fire pump controller is designed to start the diesel engine automatically from water pressure control or non-automatically from manual electric control. Furthermore, this type of electric fire pump controller functions to maintain the charge on engine starting batteries, monitors engine and system condition, and initiates a weekly program test of the system.

Jockey Pump Controllers

Joslyn Clark also offers a Jockey Pump electric fire pump controller as an accessory to a main or limited service pump. This very small electric pump controller maintains stand-by pressure in the fire protection system to prevent wear on the main pump. Joslyn Clark type JM Jockey Pump controllers are available with automatic type starting as standard. This type of electric pump controller is available in a wall-mounting enclosure that meets type 2, 12, and 3R requirements with an optional 4X rating.



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