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Lighting Contactors

Lighting Contactor

lighting contactor

A lighting contactor is similar to a relay in that it switches a higher current load.. Generally, a lighting contactor is controlled by a circuit with a much lower power level than the switched circuit.

Joslyn Clark lighting contactor solutions are rated up to 30 Amperes for switching filament and ballast lighting loads. Furthermore, Joslyn Clark lighting contactor products are also capable of switching general purpose non-motor loads.

The Joslyn Clark lighting contactor line features two different NEMA enclosures:

  • NEMA 1 (for general purpose applications)
  • NEMA 3R (for outdoor applications)

The Joslyn Clark lighting contactor line is commonly used in applications such as:

  • Parking lot illumination
  • Security illumination
  • Shopping centers
  • Commercial/office buildings
  • Electric furnaces
  • Electric water heaters
  • Energy management/automation
  • Snow melting cables

Additionally, there are two Joslyn Clark lighting contactor holding options: electrically held and mechanically held. Electrically held lighting contactor applications are common when exceptionally high rates of operation are necessary and loss of control power and/or load de-energization would not be hazardous. In cases where coil hum could be hazardous and must be avoided at all costs, a mechanically held lighting contactor should be used. These mechanically held lighting contactor solutions utilize coil clearing contacts to make sure that coil de-energization occurs regardless of what kind of control device is used (lighting contactor or otherwise).

Joslyn Clark offers the following lighting contactor series:

  • Type PM – LC & LCL: magnetically operated lighting contactor models designed to switch filament and ballast lighting loads as well as general purpose non-motor loads. Lighting contactors are available in both electrically held and mechanically held versions.
  • 447 Series: 20 Ampere and 30 Ampere lighting contactor models are available as electrically held types, and do not require coil clearing contacts. Both sizes are City of L.A. approved.
  • Type TM – LC: electrically held and specifically designed for use on filament and ballast (fluorescent and mercury) lamp loads.

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