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Downloadable Literature

Please see below for a number of product support manuals and other informational literature pertaining to the Joslyn Clark family of products. If you’re looking for information for a specific product or would like to make a special request, please Contact Us. 

cap switching 

Capacitor Switching Vacuum Contactors vs. Air Break Contactors  

Vacuum Contactors vs. Air Break Contactors What is it: All the information you need on application precautions and calculations to limit high frequency and high current in-rush values when using vacuum contactors.

How to use it: This document outlines theories and calculations behind the use of vacuum contactors, all designed to increase safety and improve performance.


circuit breaker retrofit 

Simple, Safe, Retrofit Programs to Significantly Extend Life of Existing Circuit Breakers  

Retrofit Programs for Existing Circuit Breakers What is it: A look at the advantages of switching from medium voltage circuit breakers to medium voltage fused vacuum starters and controllers.

How to use it: Use this application guide for step-by-step installation guidelines, grounding and safety tips and other information.


faq on vacuum contactors 

Questions and Answers on Vacuum Contactors  

Questions & Answers on Vacuum Contactors What is it: A guide outlining common questions regarding the use of vacuum contactors, including information on installation and maintenance.

How to use it: Use this as a reference for various considerations regarding compatibility, contact life, maintenance and how to avoid potential problems in using vacuum contactors.


current chop 

Current Chopping: A Simple Explanation  

Current Chopping: A Simple Explanation What is it: Everything you need to know about current chopping, including calculations to determine transient voltages when using vacuum interrupters.

How to use it: A guide for formulas, diagrams and other technical information explaining current chop.


explosive environments 

Joslyn Clark Explosive Environments Applications  

Joslyn Clark Explosive Environments Applications What is it: A comprehensive explanation of why Joslyn Clark vacuum contactors are the best choice for explosive environments found in the mining industry.

How to use it: Use this application sheet to see how the Joslyn Clark vacuum contactor’s compact design, durability and other features has made it the first choice of mining companies around the world


reversing on crane control 

The Application of Reversing Vacuum Contactors on Crane Control Applications  

Reversing Vacuum Contactors on Crane Control Applications What is it: A guide to the advantages of using vacuum contactors in high-stress, demanding applications on industrial cranes.

How to use it: Use this application guide to learn more about maintenance, installation, control and other information to help get the maximum benefits from vacuum contactors.


safety when using vac contactors 

Safety Considerations When Using Vacuum Circuit Breakers or Fused Vacuum Starter  

Safety Considerations When Using Vacuum Circuit Breakers What is it: A review of safety guidelines and procedures to follow in using vacuum circuit breakers or starters.

How to use it: Review this guide for safety tips, electrical diagrams and other information that will help maximize safety while using vacuum contactors and starters.

vacuum contactor application issues 

Vacuum Contactor Application Issues  

Vacuum Contactor Application Issues What is it: A comprehensive review of the advantages of using vacuum interrupters, along with user application strengths and precautions.

How to use it: Review this guide for safety tips, electrical diagrams and other application information regarding vacuum contactors.


vacuum contactor application issues 

Applying Vacuum Contactos To Motor Circuits  

Applying Vacuum Contactors To Motor Circuits What is it: A look at the many advantages that make vacuum contactors the best choice for new and retrofit applications in motor circuits.

How to use it: Use the specifications, electrical diagrams and other information to determine applications for vacuum contactors.

JC Catalog Cover image 

Joslyn Clark Full Catalog  

Joslyn Clark Full Catalog What is it: A complete look at Joslyn Clark’s full line of motor control products, featuring vacuum contactors, starters, switches, relays, rheostats and other associated parts.

How to use it: The Joslyn Clark Full Catalog features full engineering specs and dimensions, illustrations, part numbers and replacement part cross-reference charts, plus order information.

Fire Pump Controls Brochure 

Fire Pump Controls Brochure

Fire Pump Controls Brochure What is it: A comprehensive description of the product capabilities and typical functionality of the Joslyn Clark line of fire pump controllers, as well as information pertaining to their use, maintenance, hardware specifications and other operational points of interest.

How to use it: As the most thorough and complete document we maintain for one of our premier offerings, the Fire Pump Controls Brochure is your first and best source of written information for any question pertaining to our fire pump controller products.

ESP Switchboard Brochure 

VersaShield ESP Switchboard Brochure

VersaShield ESP Switchboard Brochure What is it: Informational document about the overall function and competitive advantages of the VersaShield ESP Switchboard. Details include technical specifications, product features and safety considerations associated with its use.

How to use it: Use the VersaShield ESP Switchboard for general product feature information and for its convenient, easy to read features and benefits table.

Vacuum Contactor Brochure 

Vacuum Contactor and Starter Family Brochure

Vacuum Contactor Brochure What is it: Data, specifications and general usage information about the entire Joslyn Clark line of specialty vacuum contacts and starters.

How to use it: Get specific technical information regarding product features, contrast and compare similar products in the contactor family, and learn more about the benefits of choosing Joslyn Clark for your industrial application.

Current Calculators 

Current Chopping a Simple Explanation, and Calculations to Determine Transient Voltages When Using Vacuum Interrupters

Current Calculators What is it: A detailed breakdown of the physics involved in the technology of current chopping.

How to use it: Get formulae, diagrams, and detailed descriptions on the ins and out of current chopping from the people who originally pioneered the technology.

Service Bulletin MVC 7707    

Service Bulletin MVC 7707 is a Instruction Manual for USAVAC Vacuum Contactor

Service Bulletin MVC 7707 What is it: This instruction manual covers the description, inspection, installation, operation and maintenance of Joslyn Clark's USAVAC medium voltage vacuum contactors.