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Voltage and Power Control Components - Superior Electric
Voltage and Power Control Components

Voltage and Power Control Components consist of four product groups.


Our POWERSTAT® and Volt-Pac® Variable Transformers provide a simple, rugged method of controlling electrical voltage, current and power. They take in utility line voltage and provide continuously adjustable output voltage.

LUXTROL® Incandescent Light Controls are extensively used for incandescent lighting in residential, theatrical, institutional, commercial and industrial installations. All dimmers are continuously adjustable transformers that regulate light intensity by controlling the voltage applied to the lamps.

The original 5-WAY® Binding Post is the first choice of electrical equipment manufacturers, design engineers and technicians. They are available in single or double assembly, a wide variety of colors with ratings of 15 and 30 ampere.

The SUPERCON® Electrical Connectors are designed to provide safe, rapid and positive panel-board electrical connections. Socket and pin types available in 25, 50, 100 and 250 amp capacities.