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Plastic, Automotive & Industrial  Fasteners & Molded Bearings | Thomson Nyliner

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Thomson Nyliner offers a wide variety of products to serve the market’s need for plastic fasteners and plastic bearings. Thomson Nyliner polymer bearings (a plastic bearing material) serve as an alternative or replacement for a traditional sintered bronze or other metal bearing. Injection molded Thomson Engineering Polymer 110 is the standard material for most Thomson Nyliner plastic fasteners and plastic bearings. This material is well-suited to all areas of industry. Thomson Nyliner molded bearings already serve in areas as diverse as refrigerators, HVAC, vacuum cleaners, automotive brake and clutch pedal assemblies, hydraulic cylinders, and ovens (among many, many others).

Thomson Nyliner plastic bearings and plastic fasteners both benefit from thin-walled construction, which is a result of the injection molding process and one of the chief benefits of using a polymer bearing. These thin-walled plastic bearings and plastic fasteners achieve a tighter, more space efficient fits that ensures better heat transfer and prevent heat build-up.

Thomson Nyliner plastic bearings are molded with 0.032” walls thick (for many models), thus ensuring that the polymer bearings OD bore size need only be slightly larger than the shaft diameter. Additionally, all Thomson Nyliner polymer bearings are produced with a unique axial compensation gap, which accommodates for changes in moisture and temperature. Thomson Nyliner molded bearings are designed to withstand environments with temperatures from 40°F to 250°F. These standard polymer bearings will withstand continuous operation at 200°F.

Besides the standard plastic fasteners and plastic bearings, Thomson Nyliner also provides Nyliner Plus polymer bearings for the most demanding polymer bearing implementations. For greater temperature, Thomson Nyliner offers Plus plastic bearings, which can withstand temperatures up to 500°F. All plastic fasteners and plastic bearings made by Thomson Nyliner are tough, resilient, and resistant to environmental stresses, but Thomson Nyliner Plus plastic bearings are particularly robust and are for the most part unaffected by dilute acids, solvents, akalines, or detergents.

Polymer bearings are a popular and less-expensive alternative to metal bearings. Molded bearings are perfect for situations that require a low-maintenance, durable, and inexpensive solution. Polymer bearings are widely used in automotive, industrial, office machinery, marine equipment, and appliance industries to account for smooth, consistent rotary or oscillating motion.