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Digital, Electronic and Electronic Preset Counters from Veeder Root
Electronic Counters

Digital, Electronic and Electronic Preset Countersc

An electronic counter is a device used for many different functions. Each electronic counter can be a single or multi-function unit and can indicate time or rate. Some electronic counter designs are programmable to perform more than one function. Additionally, single-function electronic counter devices are either mono-directional (counting up or down) or bi-directional (counting up and down).

Electronic Counter

An electronic counter is characterized by its rugged, durable, easy to use, and compact design. However, an electronic counter is not always the correct choice. An electronic counter is usually more expensive than a mechanical counter and may be more difficult to install.

Digital Counter

A digital counter is an electronic counter that features a digital readout but is otherwise similar to a non-digital electronic counter. A mechanical counter displays its results on mechanical wheels in contrast to a digital counter that uses a solid-state LCD or LED display. An LCD screen is ideal for a digital counter in a well-lit installation. LCD displays are better suited for applications that may be in direct sunlight or other bright environments. A digital counter that uses an LED (light emitting diode) display is ideal for dark or dimly lit environments or where displays must be viewed from a distance due to their internal illumination and high contrast.

Electronic Preset Counter

An electronic preset counter is a type of electronic counter that is capable of switching to an external circuit when a preset count value is reached. Oftentimes, an electronic preset counter is used in manufacturing to control batch size, cut material to length, or punch/drill product. Veeder-Root electronic preset counter products offer many benefits well suited to manufacturing processes:

  • Long life
  • Comparably priced
  • Feature-rich (digital readouts, capable of automation)
  • Easy installation

An electronic preset counter's high speed and ability to work with many types of sensors makes it the ideal choice for many applications including: length-cutting and gas/liquid flow applications. Veeder-Root also offers a line of programmable electronic preset counter products for complex applications that require bidirectional counting, output logic operations, or input calibrators. This type of electronic preset counter can often replace two or more other simpler counters.